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Why libraries rock 2009-09-01

Posted by lukethelibrarian in Librarysphere.

Yes, this weblog has been neglected for an awful long time.  That ends now.

My purpose in this blog was, is, and will be to look at all the new and amazing directions that libraries and librarians (by whatever they name they choose to call themselves) are choosing to lead and accompany their communities into new media, new places, new technologies, new literacies, and new opportunities for growth and participation.

There are so many examples of this to celebrate — and they’re too exciting to not celebrate.  So that’s what I intend to do with this blog: celebrate, marvel and ponder the possibilities.

And today provided me the perfect place and perfect reason to start that celebration anew: the Louisville Free Public Library and the LFPL Blogathon.

Reason number one why libraries rock: just take a look at all the amazing things that are going on at just one public library, the Louisville Free Public Library in Kentucky:

Reason number two why libraries rock: they’re full of librarians, who do things like this: when the Louisville Free Public Library was hit by a sudden flood earlier this month, librarians across the web got together and began contributing and raising money with a goal of sending $5000 to the LFPL by the first of September — and this culminated in today’s LFPL blogathon.

I’ve donated, and now I’ve blogged too.  I hope you’ll consider doing the same!



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